Sunday, September 05, 2010


First, I have it on the word of a dear, long-time friend, who happens to be an Astrophysicist and Particle Physicist of world-renown that what I am describing is most likely a sonic weapon. He has also written that microwaves may be being used too, but that is much harder to determine, requiring special equipment. I cannot record microwaves as I can the sounds, as I have done. My working assumption, until I have proof is that microwave weapons are not being deployed against me.

I want to make the magnitude of what I have been dealing with clear.

This was, up until the case of Holly Greig, the largest pedo ring ever busted:

King Albert II of Belgium was implicated in that case, as the article states.

Holly's case is bigger, MUCH BIGGER.

The focus is a child with Down's Syndrome who was used as one of eight known children for the pedophilic sadism of the elite, her uncle who found her being raped by her rich, well-connected father and died a horrific death shortly afterward, Holly's Mother who was thrown into an insane asylum for telling Holly's story and Robert Green, who is desperately trying to get the truth out and being blocked at every turn.

Every spoiler and every infiltration of the group investigating Holly Greig's case that you can imagine and can't can be expected.

ALL PEDOPHILES all over the world will be inducted and enlisted in this war.

Every pedophile in the WORLD is directly or indirectly tied to the ring that abused Holly and seven other known children. Holly is now in her early 30s. Until she told her Mother, Ann, only a couple of years ago; she was abused continuously from age 8 (at least) by her rich, connected father and his fancy friends. That is the umbrella that protects them all and they are all expected to give their utmost loyalty to the protection of that umbrella.

I am one of the people who know that. I am one of the people who know the corruption of Social Services from the inside, the sour fruit of 10 years of direct contact with them.

I'll tell you all why I believe the sounds I'm hearing are sonic weapons and not alarms.

It's not because the sounds are weird that I think they are weapons. They make me, and others, feel unnaturally fatigued.

Social Services takes children from vulnerable families and feeds them into the various child trafficking businesses: child prostitution, child pornography, experimentation on children.

I am one of the people who, if my case ever got a fair hearing, could pull down Social Services in Israel and they are terrified of a domino effect.

They have the best of reasons to want me neutralized.

In the last few months, three people investigating Social Services corruption in the United States have died. I was in close contact with one of them and more casual contact with another.

This is about HOLLY GREIG not me.

There is more that I am not at liberty to discuss on private fora. The information has been passed on to activists all over the world.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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