Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Were the SUICIDES in the Ofer Neighborhood
Tzfat (Safed), Israel the Result of Experiments?

This is a culmination video. In order to understand the question I raise in the title of this video, it is necessary to see my recent videos concerning LRAD, the SATELLITE, the almost empty INDUSTRIAL AREA and the ELECTICAL INSTALLATIONS around Tzfat. That that context, this possibility I posit here will not seem so strange.

Seven or eight people leapt from the roof of my building. It hasn't happened in about 10 years. None of them seemed to have a reason to commit suicide. One of them was a visitor - a beautiful, seemingly happy, young woman who worked for the Mayor of Buenos Aires. She was visiting a cousin, a good friend of mine, who has subsequently moved out of the bldg. She said she wanted to make a phone call, insisting on using a public phone despite her cousin's, my neighbor and friend's, repeated offer to use her home phone. When she didn't return for an inordinately long time, my neighbor called the police. They found her body on the pavement.

You can see that there is a rather high wall around the roof. No one could fall off. One would very intentionally have to climb up and then jump, which is a concerted physical effort.

Do you see the strange colors in the sky at 9:15 and forward into the video?
See my video about the interference patterns through my screens.
This was *not* shot through a screen. I was on my roof.

To the best of my knowledge; I am the only person in Tzfat who doubts that so many people jumped from one and the same roof is because of the curse of Avraham Ofer, who was the Minister of Housing who oversaw this housing project and committed suicide:


or were the result of the misery of poverty.

To keep the questions hidden, the people in this neighborhood, the Ofer Neigborhood of Tzfat (Safed), are often maligned and painted in the local press in a much worse light than is true. That way no one asks questions about the suicides.

It also scares me that if people think this is the result of the misery of poverty, why no one tries to help.

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