Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It took me quite a while to get through the morass and understand what is really going on.

The following is what is really meant by the term "bloodlines".

I'm starting to understand that the crux of the entire matter is to be found in this quote:

Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochay says: There are three crowns: The crown of Torah and the crown of priesthood and the crown of Kingship. The crown of priesthood – Aaron merited it and took it. The crown of Kingship – David merited it and took it. The crown of Torah – remains waiting for generations. Whoever merits the Torah, is considered as meriting all three." [Kohelet Raba 7]

If you consider the three-tiered tiara (the Hebrew word for tiara is atara, you can see tiara is a metathesis of the Hebrew), you will understand that he is a pretender to the three crowns of Israel.

So are the monarchies, the British monarchy being the most insistent.

So long as the Jews exist, these pretenders can never be secure in their lie.

What they don't understand is the last sentence in the quote above.

The Kingship and Priesthood of Israel were only based on the crown of Torah. Without that, they are meaningless. The Kingship of Israel is a paradox. The King is truly a servant of God and Israel. They don't possess the humility demanded of the true Kingship of Israel.

Every Jew who hails from the Davidic line is a direct threat to their illusions, delusions and pretensions. And there are many of us.

Any Gentile who is even tangentially related to the Davidic line is co-opted and/or targeted too.

I was more than a bit surprised recently to learn that the name Ehrlich appears on the list of Jews believed to be descended from King David. My maternal Grandmother, Gussie Wiklinsky, married her first Cousin, Herschel Ehrlich. These are the parents of my Mother Phyllis (Frimit) Ehrlich. She subsequently remarried to Max Goldman. Goldman is another name that appears on the list of heirs to the David line. Their one son, Sheldon Goldman, is my Uncle. I am heir to his estate, which is not settled 26 months after his demise. Someone doesn't want me inheriting the Goldman money.



My Grandmother's youngest sister married Henry Dreifus. Treves/Dreifus is one of the main Davidic lines.

How does this connect with the Vatican and the Freemasons who play roles in my family story? Well, another one of the Wiklinsky's and Ehrlich's Cousins names is Fischer.

Geoffrey Fisher was the Archbishop of Canterbury who presided at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. He is the only known Freemason to become Archbishop of Canterbury, or so they claim, and he was an active Freemason all his life.



He wasn't a sympathetic figure and he wasn't the favored choice, evidently. Most thought another Bishop would have made a better choice for Archbishop of Canterbury: one George Kennedy Allen Bell.


At the end of Fisher's term in office the Prime Minister of Britain was (Maurice) Harold Macmillan.


Bell is not only a Clan, it is a sept of Clan MacMillan. And there is the connection with McGill. And there is the connection with the Allen Memorial hospital.

My Husband's Mother's maiden name is Landes. That is one of the variants of the name Landau, another Jewish family connected to the Davidic line.


Both the Ehrlich's and the Landau's have family crests, which is unusual for Jewish families:



And that is why perfectly innocent people's lives are totally disrupted, why they are targeted even before they are born.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel


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