Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My call to capitulation below is based on the following article:

FROM WND'S JERUSALEM BUREAUMore London bombings on way, warns MuslimUK Islamist leader claims Brits ready to carry out 'many attacks'
Posted: July 2, 20071:00 a.m. Eastern
By Aaron KleinĀ© 2007 WorldNetDaily.com

Capitulate! Capitulate, I tell you!

Listen to me. I know of what I speak.

Their demands are so rational, so modest and so few.

What do they ask of you, oh you stiff-necked infidels, you heathens you?

They ask only that your women wear burqas in public, be the illiterate, barefoot maidservants Allah created them in His DivineWisdom to be, allow themselves to be beaten, submit to their husbands' every sexual whim whenever the urge strikes him (and he strikes her) and to not go out unescorted.

They ask only that you give up the booze and the bacon butties. Isn't there enough spam on the net? Must you have it in little cans too? I mean really.

Must you, I mean *must* you, put alcohol in shoe polish and floor varnish? That's crass.

They ask only that the blind not walk around the streets with their unclean dogs. I mean, they've got a point. They are terribly unsightly.

Wouldn't it be nice to wake to the sound of the pitter-patter of 40 little feet in your two-room apartment every morning?

And what have you to do that is more important, or more entertainingfor that matter, than praying five times per day?

Do not be so hard-hearted, brothers and sisters, but let the light and love of Allah Akbar in.

Those of you who reserve doubts as to whether this is the life you want to live and want for your children and their children after them can comfort yourselves in the thought that giving in to radical Islam will hasten a Malthusian crisis and usher in the end of days.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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