Monday, October 24, 2005


It has happened entirely too many times that my writings have been construed as an attempt to overshadow the accomplishments of the others. I have been called "overbearing". I have been accused of trying to show others up. I never intended it that way. I am always astounded that anyone could possibly receive my writings in that vein. I'm very impressed and respectful of others' accomplishments and I tell them so.

I am not an ego tripper, but if I wasn't very sure of my ideas I wouldn't have the fortitude to disseminate them. I am an idealist. I write what I do in order to advance Human kind, not to make a name for myself. I am convinced that I have found some solutions to a great deal of suffering. My life is, was and will be dedicated to considering these matters. I have no idea how many experiences I forfeited in favor of thinking and writing the conclusions of my thoughts in order to better the lot of Human kind. I have no idea how much money I did not earn so that I may be free to help others in the only way that my abilities allow me to – to think and to write.

The desire to be of assistance to Human kind and the certainty that my ideas are liberating alone emboldens me to promulgate my ideas. My need to ameliorate Human suffering is that which gives me the strength to publicly suffer character assassination and vulgar, baseless accusations on the part of strangers again and again.

Someone called me a "hack". I have eschewed earning money from my writings all through the years in order to be free to write according to the lights of my own conscience. In fact, I have expended a good deal on the publication of my ideas.

Something terrible happened to people in the US during the intervening generation since my emigration from there. Too many Americans are filled with blind rage. This is true of people in other parts of the world as well, particularly those in the American sphere of influence. I attribute that to overall malnutrition, the using of various addictive substances, and exposure to the media.

Evidently many people think that the semi-anonymity of the internet gives them license to speak and behave in an unbridled manner. I'm sure they wouldn't dare carry on so with the people they encounter in real life.

I see being an intrepid proponent of alternative models for social mechanisms and structure as my calling.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
October 24, 2005

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