Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Which Half Of Me Is The Real Ubermensch?

Within just a few days I was directed by Israeli extremists to the first site shown below and by Irish extremists to the second site shown below.

Note that they posit the identical theory and base it on the very same claims.

The Jewish site claims that the Celts are descendants of one of the 10 lost tribes.

The Irish site claims that the Celts are the aboriginal settlers of not only Europe, but the Americas as well and are the true Aryans (Eireann).

Oh, deary me! I'm really in a quandary now. I don't know which half of me really is the Ubermensch and progenitor of Western Europe and the Americas.

Imagine how I feel being told that on the one hand I hold the right to Western Europe because I am the true Aryan, while on the other I am told that the Celts (Eireann) are descendants of the Semitic Jews.

Anyone else see the irony in this?

To someone who is Jewish the claims on the first site will seem perfectly reasonable and natural.

To someone who is Irish the claims on the second post will seem perfectly reasonable and natural.

To me, being both, I see that the claim asserted by both is beyond ethnocentric and foolish. It is insane.


Decide which is funnier: a response that I got to this post from a Jewish Israeli nationalist fanatic:

"Unless Doreen believes in the kabbalistic concept that she is a reincarnated male soul in a female body, she should really consider herself an "uberfrau" rather than an "ubermensch"! An examination of Yair Davidy's site (he himself is an Australian convert to Orthodox Judaism) shows that it's important to know if Doreen goy father was an Eire Catholic or an Ulster Protestant, as the two come from different lineages (the symbol of the latter is a red Star of David!). Davidy makes some daring claims, but he does seem to have some controversial historical evidence. Needless to say, contemporary sallow-skinned religious Semite Jews of today are none too plussed at the idea that your average uncircumcised, uncouth, none-too bright "Bog Irishman" red-nosed Guinness-downing Murphy is not a white Japhetite, but is from the Lost Tribes of Israel!"


A response that I got from an Irish nationalistic fanatic in response to my question as to whether or not I would be a welcome repatriate if he had his druthers in Ireland:

"Now it is well recorded that the Eire ruled over its subject people all across the world, what is not greatly publicised is that nearly every ancient text that refers to our race records the origin legends of the Sacred Isle (Eire). It was the belief of our people that only those who were of the Noble and pure Celtic stock should ever reside in the motherland of the master race, and as Genetics has proven this was the case up untill the Norman invasions of our country. I would ask you, do you believe that you if you are only 50% or 75% of Celtic stock should you get preference to reside here over the people who are 100% Celtic stock. Would you accept that like the thorough breeding of animals you should set to breed out the bad blood from your genes and restore the virtue of your ancient origin. Would you accept that in a class system, you are below those of absolute purity, and that those above you should be cherished for being the centre of gravity for your nations. Also would you consider that as a Celt who has being tainted genetically (even if only very poorly maybe even 1% or less), that you should be to the forefront of building new Celtic colonies across the world and urging that your motherland be kept free and sacred from foreign migrants. Finally since our country is sadly run by the politics of democracy who would have veto over the supreme ruling and sovereignty of our country. The race mixers or the pure nobles of absolute Celtic stock."

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