Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ontological Anarchy

I realized that the world we are living in, characterized such as it is by central governments, originates in and is fueled by our insistence upon viewing the world as though we are at the center of our consciousness and all others and else are viewed from that vantage point.

When We come to see ourSelves as *both* beings in and of ourSelves: real, actual, whole and with Our own integrity but also as aspects of all others, We will likewise create a decentralized world system.

Nullifying the ego enough to be able to dissolve into seeing oneSelf as an aspect of others, from their point of view, does not bring about obliteration of the Self. We simply become able to be both actual and perceived, real and a perception. Think particle and wave if it helps.

When We realize ourSelves as aspects of all the Others, We see around Us, We realize that any thought that arises in Our minds, any moment that arises in our Hearts, likewise arises in all Others - to varying extents of immediate awareness.
The thinker of the highest, purest, most loving thoughts, the originator of the tenderest and most sincere feelings is manifesting on the highest levels of reality and is broadcasting on orders of magnitude higher than those who hatch evil schemes.
So, let's pay attention to the Beautiful and strengthen it with Our Collective Attention. Let's share Our best thoughts and Our purest feelings One with Another and We will banish the world that was created when the majority of us were ego-centered quite naturally and as a matter of course.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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