Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Deep Dark Diaspora

A very deep and dark level of the Diaspora is when they've got us so disconnected from who we are that we become a simulation, or worse, a parody, of OurSelves - when the Hebrews become Jew-ish and the Irish become Eire-ish, for example.

We've reached that abysmal level of Diaspora and being cut off from OurSelves when we begin to undertake study of our culture and language as subjects with an air of anthropological objectivity and having to satisfy course requirements as per the instructors' instructions: Jewish studies, Aboriginal studies, Black studies, Celtic language studies, Women's studies are examples. When an Irishman or Irishwoman in the Diaspora enrolls in a college course to learn how to be Irish and how to speak Irish - that person is DEEP in the Diaspora.
When we behold our Culture and our Languages with the desire to connect with them and, concomitantly, observe them with detached objectivity, as though they are a smear on a slide, we are far, far down into the Diaspora.
It's OK to learn about other cultures, of course, but when one learns about one's own culture in a university; the Diaspora is deep and very dark.

Then, as they do to the Jews, adding insult to injury; they tell you that you are not who and what you claim to be. They tell you that you are some kind of imposter. They will soon do this to the Irish and to the Aboriginals and to the Tibetans. They haven't done it yet because your Diaspora is not long enough yet. You still have too much genetic memory. But as you assimilate, they will do this to you. So, stop the process now.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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