Sunday, December 09, 2012

Every Problem in Israel 
in a Nutshell

I'm going to boil down all of the problems in Israel to the main point. All the details derive from this main point.

The wealthiest, most powerful and soi-disant "royal" families like von Liechtenstein, Orsini-Rosenberg, Massimo, Borgese (Borgia), Chigi, Aldobrandini,  and the other families intermarried with them know that their "royalty" is utterly fake and was gotten as a result of brutality and intrigue.

They are obsessed with the House of David (Beit David), because they know that the House of David is the one true Monarchy. They live in terror of Beit David rising again and do everything to oppress the Jews' moral-spirituality so that Beit David won't rise again.

Over history, they have tied up the financial world such that one cannot make money without their control. They are in control of the billionaires that we hear about in the news. A number of Jews thought it prudent to intermarry with them, like David Rene de Rothschild, who is married to "Princess" Olimpia Aldobrandini. They did so on the rationale that it would be best for the Jews if some of us were in control of that money. That was a mistake. 

The heads of major Jewish corporations and the Israeli gov't are in league with this Eurotrash that pretends to royalty.

All the rest is commentary.

This video will show some photos of one of the villas of the House of Aldobrandini. Note the pagan statues and black decor. These are among the families that produce the Popes - our worst enemies.
These are the pagan low lives living the high life whose ass Netanyahu licks

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat