Thursday, November 01, 2012

Psychopathy Vis-à-vis The Jews

The most pressing challenge that faces us is forming organizations that are immune to Psychopaths. All of our societal troubles stem from the fact that Psychopaths infiltrate and soon dominate our Systems

This is true in religion, in business, in government, in research, in teaching, in health care, in social services and so on.

It is not trade that is the problem in the Corporate Structure. It is not religion that is the problem with organized religion. It is not social work that is the problem in the social work system. It is not the psychiatry that is the problem in the Medical Association.

It is the Organization, the System, the Association themselves - which are vulnerable to the attack of Psychopaths.

Our challenge, then, is to create Systems that are invulnerable or unattractive, or both, to Psychopathic raptors and destroyers.

To do so, we must understand what Psychopathy is, what causes it and how it is expressed to the ruin of our societies and our private lives.

This is the first part of a three-part discussion of Psychopathy, particularly vis-a-vis the Jews.

In this part I discuss Psychopathy in some Jewish families, recognizing the fact that there is a strong genetic component to Psychopathy.

In the second part I discuss the spectrum of Jewish Psychopathy and show where the Jewish scholar, the backbone of our culture fits in on that spectrum.

In the third part, I employ the Hebrew language in order to understand the depths of researchers' descriptions of the basis of Psychopathy as revealed by recent studies and experiments.

All three parts are now up and running on DailyMotion.

Psychopathy Vis-a-Vis Jews (I/III): The Jewish... by Doreen_Dotan

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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