Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Yeshu taught complete love and forgiveness" is oft repeated.

The Jews are far too wise to teach nothing but love and forgiveness.

We know that loving-kindness has to be balanced with severity and we know to withhold forgiveness until one has demonstrated not only the willingness to make amends, but to undertake to make the amends in actuality.

We know that the surest way to unleash the dark side is to take the way of unbalanced and unbridled compassion, for we know, as the Talmud teaches: He who is compassionate to the cruel will, in the end, be cruel to the compassionate.

The Jews have always known that the dark side has to be slowly but surely coerced until it succumbs to the service of God and then it lends its strength to the good.

We have always known that to try to destroy the dark side is the surest way to make it stronger.

Yeshu knew this too. He knew that the surest way to bring out the bestial and the twisted in the gentiles was to tell them to try to be nothing but sweetness and light. And history has proven how effective the technique is.

Yeshu knew that the dark side in gentiles is far stronger than their light side and if forced to be nice, the backlash would be vicious.

Beware the Xian who speaks too softly, too sweetly. The beast is right behind the veil.

When Christians say: I love you, they mean: I wish you dead.

Real love is not so easily expressed. It is far too deep.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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