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My Daughter (who it should be mentioned is an American, as well as Israeli, citizen) told me that she had to go up in front of some kind of committee in order to get the discount for my Grandson's nursery school to which is entitled by law. My Daughter is five months pregnant. At that committee she was subjected to pressure to have an abortion after the race of her unborn baby's father was inquired into and my Daughter told them he is an American Black.

Those committees have no basis in Israeli law. She said when she got there a supervisor of the nursery schools in the area, a social worker and a nurse from the Well Baby Clinic in Rosh Pina were present.

In a subsequent telephone call to the social worker, I asked the names of all those who were present as part of this "committee". They are:
1) Rachel Daudi – Social Worker
2) Salit (?) Shachar Okhman – Supervisor of the Nursery Schools
3) Chana Zafrani – Nurse at the Well Baby Clinic in Rosh Pina

The Social Worker, Rachel Daudi, of course, hid behind the excuse of privileged information and would not give me details – except one: when I said to her that they tested my Daughter to see if she was intelligent enough for her unborn child to deserve to live and her son not to have to be the subject of a dangerous biological test (being subjected to a round of vaccinations), she did not deny this. Neither did she deny that the subject of abortion was brought up at that meeting.

The Social Worker insisted that the committee is in accordance with the law, but backed down when I insisted upon the number of that law in the Israeli law code.

They first asked her why my Grandson had not received his full course of vaccinations. The nurse said that that is "neglect".
My Daughter said: Fine, take me to court for neglect.
The nurse backed down because there is no law in Israel mandating vaccinations.
Then she began to ask my Daughter what she knows about vaccinations. My Daughter told her why she is against vaccinations.
The nurse then began to ask her about all kinds of drugs and what they do. My Daughter answered her correctly.
The nurse said that there are reactions to vaccinations only one in a million cases. My Daughter gave her the correct figures.

The nurse then got off the topic of the vaccinations. Evidently, my Daughter passed the IQ and pressure tests. What right have these people to put people before tests to determine if their children have a right to live??? Would they pass the same tests?

Then they got on the subject of my Daughter's pregnancy.
They asked my Daughter what the ethnic background of the baby's father is.
She told them he is an American Black.
The nurse said: Have you considered an abortion?
My Daughter is in her 5th month!
My Daughter was astounded and told her of stories she's heard from friends who had abortions which horrified her.
The nurse said: Nonsense! I've been present at many abortions. The baby is just water now. If you squeeze him, he'll just die. There's nothing there.
At this point my Daughter told me she felt she was going into shock but she understood that they were subjecting her to inhuman pressure to see if she would react emotionally and she stayed outwardly calm. They actually praised her at the end of this ordeal for having remained admirably self-controlled. Would they have been able to stay calm under pressure like that?

She said: I am not having an abortion! I want this baby!
The nurse kept persisting.
My Daughter kept her cool even though it was clear to her that they wanted her to "lose it" so that they would have an excuse for beginning procedures against her.
But she didn't "lose it".
At the end of the "interview" they OK'ed the discount for the nursery (which is not their business, it is a law) and also told her that she handled herself very well.

In other words: If she had known less about vaccines she would have been forced to vaccinate my Grandson and if she has lost her cool, they would have reported her as unstable and applied horrific pressure for her to have an abortion.

The nurse kept repeating that she was only interested in "the welfare of the children".

My Son, with whom my Daughter had already spoken about by the time our Daughter told us about it, as he lives nearby, was sickened. We are all acutely aware that the lives of the most innocent members of our Family were threatened.

That nurse works in the Well Baby Clinic in Rosh Pina. She claims to have 38 years of experience as a nurse. My Daughter doesn't even know her name.
But I'm going to find out her name and I'm going to blast it all over creation.

The supervisor of the nursery schools in the area and the social worker acted like they weren't in total agreement with the nurse. But why did they bring her there?

My Daughter is a single Mother and the baby's Father is Black and they knew it.

The Baby's Father is very much in the picture, wants to be a Father. My Daughter is renting space in a villa in Rosh Pina. It's one of the nicest areas in the North. She has two parents who love her and she has a Grandmother, who at the age of 83 just travelled a long distance to see her and helps her as much as she can.

By Daughter doesn't take drugs, drink or smoke.

Her IQ was tested as being about 140.

My Grandson is considered a gifted child and has already come to the attention of the school system which is deciding which program for gifted children to put him into because he's multi-talented.

More vaccinations could destroy him. He had his post natal Vitamin K shot, polio, diptheria, small pox. My Daughter did not give him the MMR because it's the most dangerous and lest necessary.

We know full well about the Thimerosal and the Squalene and the Immunocontracptives in the "vaccines". We know full was about the adjuvents. We know that A H1N1 is an engineered chimera of the Spanish Flu, Bird Flu and Swine Flu viruses. We know that there is a patent on that virus and that it is classified as a bioweapon. So, we understand full well the threat to his life that my Grandson was subjected to.

There is no doubt about the fact that my Daughter was being subjected to an ad hoc intelligence and emotional control test that if she would have failed, in their opinion, her child would have been attacked with a bioweapon and her unborn child would have had his life terminated before it even began.

If you could suggest individuals and organizations, including lawyers, to whom I might send this, I'd be very appreciative.

You are most welcome to disseminate it, as is, without any change whatsoever.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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