Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why I'm Probably Right

I just had a conversation with someone who based his decision to become an atheist, in part, on grossly mistranslated and misrepresented quotes he was told by inimical Gentiles are found in the Talmud. They're not.

Being an atheist is certainly a better decision than being a Xian, but if one is going to go about the business of collecting accusations against the various religions of the world, one should at least vet if the accusations jibe with reality by asking the practitioners of the religion if the case is true.

He *wanted* to believe the worst about religions and gleefully gleaned what suited his purpose.

And then I heaved a sad sigh as I realized I cherish no such fondness for conspiracy theory.

I'll tell you truly. I hate conspiracy theory.

I would prefer to think that matters are the way they are because we, as a species, are just plain at the beginning of our development and are blundering badly.

I don't want to believe that MK ULTRA happened, that HAARP exists, that the Pope is a Nazi, that the Jesuits, KOMs, KOCs and the Catholic like have infiltrated every concentration of power, that our politicians are actually double agents who have been trained *not* to have the best interests of their respective nations at heart, that there are concentration camps in the US, that fluoride is placed in the water and mercury is put in vaccines and in our fillings to lower our cognitive and functioning levels...

But all the evidence points that way.

I'm probably right in my beliefs because these are not my pet preferences about how the world is or should be. I hate this shit and I hate thinking this way - but the facts on the ground leave me no recourse. Neither do I enjoy playing connect the dot.

I think that adopting a position that one does not cherish, but rather abhors, because the facts support it is a good indication that one has accepted the truth insofar as one can.


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