Monday, May 05, 2008

I'd like to show you just what we're up against

"Kurt Josef Waldheim (21 December 1918 – 14 June 2007) was an Austrian diplomat and politician. Waldheim was Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1972 to 1981, and President of Austria from 1986 to 1992. While running for President in Austria in 1985, his service as a Wehrmacht intelligence officer during World War II raised international controversy."

And this: One world religion and the UN

And just what is that new world religion? Well, the publishing house of the UN is The Lucis Trust, formerly The Lucifer Trust. Type United Nations into the search facility on their home page:

Notice how many times the words "spiritual" and "spirituality" is used on that site.

"And finally, we come to the photos of the UN General Assembly Hall and the UN meditation room. On the left immediately below is the UN Meditation Room. Notice the similarity of the "barren" look and "sterile" feel between the UN Meditation Room, the masonic temples, the Anglican Churches and the Vatican II New "Catholic" Churches. According to the official United Nations website, the meditation room was "created by former Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld as 'a place where the doors may be open to the infinite lands of thought and prayer.'" One source has described it this as follows: "This room contains numerous freemasonic symbols and has an altar to the 'faceless god.'" (Revs. Francisco and Dominic Radecki, CMRI, What Has Happened to the Catholic Church?) Although in theory people of all faiths are welcome to us it, the stark, abstract chamber is tailor-made for occult/New Age groups, two of which enjoy the status of UN non-governmental organizations (NGOs): the Aquarian Age Community and the Lucis Trust (originally Lucifer Trust). These organizations hold their meetings in UN conference rooms and provide assistance, advice, and counseling to the U.N. officials and staff. The UN has also affiliated with other occultist-friendly activities and conducted its own, such as the Planetary Initiative, for which it named as director David Spangler, guru at Scotland's neo-pagan Findhorn Community. Spanger has been described by religious researcher J. Gordon Melton as the "primary architect/theoretician" of the New Age Movement and is particularly infamous for his contention that "No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation." And then there is the Earth Charter, which seeks to being about a new "global spirituality." (Among the Charter's supporters are the unrepentant Communist Mikhail Gorbachev and "liberation theology" propagandist Leonardo Boff.)

That's from a Christian site, but if you notice, Judaism wasn't represented at that UN "happening" either - and for my part, I'm glad it wasn't. But from their point of view, they don't want real Judaism part of their new world cult.

I'm not quoting Christian sites because I endorse them, God forbid.

I have no choice. There just aren't many Jews that are hip to what's going on.

Why aren't our Rabbis warning us about this???


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