Monday, September 27, 2004


Someone on a message board wrote:
"The most beautiful expression of consciousness is Love."

To which I answered:

This sounds grand, but it does not stand the test of human experience.

The emotion of love leads to the profoundest disappointment and disillusionment. It opens us up to being shocked to our very core when we see the darkest side of Human nature. It clouds clear thinking more often than not. Love leads to disappointment with people because it attaches us to them and causes us to be for too identified with their behavior, successes, failures, etc.

Love tends to be impatient and wanting what the lover thinks is best for the beloved ASAP.

No, I have found that the noblest, and most enduring, turn of mind and heart is dispassionate, but unwavering, concern and dedicatiion to the slow but sure urging of Humankind on their evolutionary way. This allows each individual, People, nation and Humankind as a whole to grow as they will, in their own time, at their own pace, not according to my time clock and not in accordance with my visions (aka fantasies).

To be released from the passion of love allows me to be patient and accepting of the other, not to want to be loved back, not to be hurt or disappointed when turns of events are not as I would have them.

I am not the victim of the illusions of love. I, therefore, am not disillusioned.

I do not, therefore, fritter energy away on obsessing. Love is nothing, if not obsessive. Nor am I riveted to one place by the brooding nature of love's obsessions.

I am free to labor for others according to my abilities. They are free to decide if my labors suit them or not.

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