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If we search the internet for CPS Corruption, we find thousands of sites and pages concerned with this problem in many countries.

This tells us that the accepted wisdom that CPS is afraid of publicity is not entirely correct. While they certainly don't like their atrocities to be publicized, this has not slowed their grinding, crushing wheels down much.

We've been striking at the branches, and though this is a very important task and we've done yeoman's work; now that one of the roots has been exposed, we need to strike at that root.

SOS KINDERDORF INTERNATIONAL (aka SOS CHILDREN in the US and UK) is a gargantuan "charity" organization that oversees institutions for orphans and "children at risk" in 132 countries. As they are organized internationally, so must we be. We have to resist the tendency to splinter into small groups due to specific, special interests and personality clashes. We cannot allow ourselves to be divided and conquered. The bad guys know how to put their differences aside and organize for their common purpose, we must do likewise.

SOS KINDERDORF INTERNATIONAL is one of the main roots of the problem of children being exploited and families being fragmented and destroyed by the Social Services systems. This is *the nexus* where the Vatican, royalty, the UN, multi-national corporations, world religions, governments Tavistock mind control (and no doubt Common Purpose) and sports all converge and are complicit in the exploitation of children and destruction of families.

Publicity is good, but it's not enough. We have to hit them where it hurts – right in the wallet.

Please see my web site concerning SOS KINDERDORF INTERNATIONAL:

There you will find many links leading to their sponsors, donors and other connections as well as a link to my very recent interview with Greg Szymanski on the topic of SOS KINDERDORF INTERNATIONAL.

Herein, immediately below, I provide links to substantiate the connections that I've found. As you'll see, this where it all converges: royalty, world leaders, heads and leaders of world religions, multi-national corporations, sports, top celebrities – and institutionalized child exploitation.

The links that I have provided are only an exemplary sampling of the mountains of information about SOS KINDERDORF INTERNATIONAL that is on the net and I encourage you to search the name yourself to see how deep this goes.

Despite the intimidating size and scope of this network, we must bear in mind that many of their supporters are corporations who produce goods that are luxuries and this is a time of recession. They are most vulnerable to boycotts now.

Also, celebrities are very sensitive to negative publicity.

While the royalty and banks that support SOS KINDERDORF INTERNATIONAL probably cannot be affected directly, business and celebrities most certainly can and that is where I suggest we aim our first efforts.

These are their Board Members in the US:

SOS KINDERDORF'S Celebrity Sponsors:

It should be mentioned that Nelson Mandela is a Prince Hall Freemason:

and the Dalai Lama has been associated with the CIA. (The CIA was the OSS before the integration of Nazis from the SS who were integrated into the intelligence networks and military-industrial complex of the Allies after WWII under Project PAPERCLIP and Project GLADIO.)

See: CIA Backing as part of this Wikipedia article about the Dalai Lama:

I don't accept that the Dalai Lama didn't know who the CIA were earlier and what their purposes were. Fools to do attain a position of Head of one of the world's largest religions. Neither do I accept that the CIA would let go of so important an "asset" after one decade of using him. Also, the Nazis had long-standing ties with Tibetan Buddhists, as they were convinced that one of the origins of their occult beliefs was Tibetan Buddhism.

Here you will find a list of SOS KINDERDORF' INTERNATIONAL's Corporate Sponsors:

You'll see their ties to FIFA on that page as well.

They are also sponsored by the BANK OF CHINA. We all know China's record of human, including children's rights.

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (BOCHK)

Look for SOS Children UK at the bottom of the page

Hong Kong Shaigan Bank Corporation (HSBC) Chief Executive Officer Tahir Sadiq\08\05\story_5-8-2008_pg7_47

Here's SOS KINDERDORF on the list of NGOs in China:

SOS Children's Villages in Canada International NGO partners

Their corporate sponsor ESPRIT also has a large holding in China: Search SOS Children's Village on that page.
ESPRIT is also connected to FIFA

Here is their connection to the Hilton Foundation and the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson:

Please see this too, bearing in mind the extreme cruelty to which children in Catholic orphanages have been subjected:

SOS KINDERDORF's connection to Planned Parenthood:

SOS KINDERDORF's connection to TAVISTOCK (see page 10):

Please note this fund raiser, Tammo Schlueter's, other projects.

In addition to SOS KINDERDORF, one of Schlueter's clients is BAYER. See here about Bayer:
Schlueter has also raised money for UNICEF, which is, of course, is a UN project.
The UN is now carrying out a mass depopulation program and Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was an avowed Eugenicist and racist.

Who was Hermann Gmeiner, the founder of SOS KINDERDORF INTERNATIONAL ??? Who was he really? No one comes out of nowhere and builds an empire like this.

He came to Israel specifically to start the SOS KINDERDORF programme here:

And look at this:

SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College

But please don't let my research suffice. Look into SOS KINDERFORF INTERNATIONAL yourself. You've got to see this to believe it.

Please voice your criticism to their sponsors and boycott the companies that support the exploitation of children.

Let's keep digging into SOS KINDERDORF INTERNATIONAL. We'll find more.

It cannot be stressed strongly enough that a concerted effort is absolutely essential against this ultra-connected organization.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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